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4 Buying Tips for Water Heater Installation in Fort Collins

Water heater installation in Fort Collins may be exciting. So exciting, in fact, that you just want to shop until you drop! But it’s not just something you should go ahead and do without thinking of the realities to purchasing a water heater that’s best for you. All too often, residents across Fort Collins make mistakes when it comes to buying a water heater that either leaves them with water heating that can’t meet their hot water demands.

Lighten Up offers up water heater installation in Fort Collins that will give you a water heater in no time! In addition to installing the latest water heater model in your home, our team of professionals can also work with you to determine what type of water heater is right for you in terms of heating demands, budget, and space.

Water Heater Installation in Fort Collins: 4 Tips for Homeowners

The folks at Lighten Up are always pained to see customers make the same old mistakes when it comes to buying a new water heater. Getting more hot water for your dollar is our top priority, so here is our top buying tips to avoid any traps:

  1. Avoid Big Box Companies – Home Depot or Lowe’s may quote you the lowest price on a water heater, but what that price tag doesn’t show you is all of the extra cost you’ll wind up with from the installation. A licensed professional from Lake Cook Plumbing will take the time to take measurements and do the job right the first time around.
  2. Demand Upfront Payment– Pay for the appliance and the installation from the same professionals to ensure you’re getting the right product at the right price. Our professionals always offer upfront pricing, which means the number on your estimate is guaranteed to be the same as the price on your bottom line. Make sure to do it immediately before the installation process even begins!
  3. Know Your Regulations – In April of 2015, new water heater regulations went into effect for water heater manufacturers. The new laws require all water heaters to have more insulation so they waste less energy. If your water heater needs to fit through a tight attic access or into a tiny utility room, ask one of our plumbers for a consultation before you buy.
  4. Convert to Tankless: The homeowners who order from big box companies are often unaware of all the options at their disposal. Tankless water heaters save energy and room by heating water on-demand instead of in a storage tank. These appliances are about the size of a carry-on bag, and they can be installed on just about any interior wall!

Contact Lighten Up today for water heater installation in Fort Collins and of course, follow these buying tips when you’re looking for a new water heater!

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