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Our Windsor Electrician is Here to Tell You About Smoke Detectors!

Don’t have a smoke detector in your home? Then it’s time to call up a Windsor electrician to install one as soon as possible. Smoke detectors are a life saver. The National Fire Protection Association reports that firefighters in the United States tend to a residential fire every 77 seconds and a person dies due to fire or smoke inhalation every 135 minutes. The saddest part about theses stats is that many home fires would’ve been prevented if the home was installed with a working smoke detector by a highly trained and trusted professional.

Lighten Up is happy to provide you with a certified, personable Windsor electrician who install a smoke detector in your home that will keep you and your family from danger. We’re available 24/7 to ensure the highest level of safety in homes across Windsor, and we only equip you with the latest smoke detector models to ensure longer-lasting performance. Your safety means more to us than anything else, and we’ll take all the right steps in keeping you secure.

The Benefits of Smoke Detector Installation from Our Windsor Electrician

Smoke detectors can provide nothing but good things to your home. If you have yet to install a smoke detector or need an upgrade, here’s why you should absolutely go ahead and do it:

  • A Good Wake-Up Call: Many residential fires occur in the evening when homeowner are sound asleep. Without a smoke detector, fire can spread like crazy while you’re still sleeping. Thankfully, the loud noise of the smoke detector can wake you up and usher you to safety before a fire even starts. It’s a wake-up call that can mean the difference between life and death.
  • Prevents Smoke Inhalation: It doesn’t take a full-scale house fire to send the smoke detector off. It can detect even the smallest traces of smoke and alert you of its presence so you can avoid smoke inhalation. Even at its least effective, smoke inhalation can lead to blurred vision and breathing problems. A smoke detector will alert you of smoke and give you time to either call the fire department or simply open a door or window to let the smoke out.
  • Safety for All: And, really, when it all comes down to it, the safety of you and your family is most important. A smoke detector will alert you of danger and give you and your family time to develop an evacuation plan. A smoke detector is device that’s always got your back, especially when smoke and flames begin to rise.

Contact Lighten Up today to have a Windsor electrician install a smoke detector in your home. Your safety is our number-one priority!

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