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Plumbing Repairs in Windsor: 3 Tips for Homeowners

Plumbing repairs in Windsor are absolutely needed to keep your home’s plumbing fixtures operating at their best, especially your drains. A dirty drain can cause your drains to clog in ways you didn’t think were possible. Large food items, bones, and cooking grease can do some considerable damage to your drains and leave your garbage disposal worse for wear. And don’t forget about toilets, which can clog out of nowhere.

Fortunately, the plumbers at Lighten Up serve up plumbing repairs in Windsor that get the job done so you’ll never worry about clogged toilets and drains ever again. However, it’s also up to you as a responsible homeowner in Windsor to do your share in keeping your home’s plumbing working to your liking. And there are certain steps you can take to contribute in the fight against plumbing problems.

3 Homeowner Tips for Plumbing Repairs in Windsor

Plumbing repairs in Windsor may not even be needed if you follow a few simple precautions. Take a look at these 3 tips offered by the experts at Lighten Up:

  1. Keep Drains Clean: We rely so much on your drains and take them for granted that it’s easy to not think of what happens to the things going down it. Once something disappears down the drain, it’s out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, the truth is that wastewater merits some attention, because over time, sludge and sediment can build up in your pipes. To avoid this, try using baking soda or a chemical drain cleaner every one to three months.
  2. Keep a Plunger in Handy: Granted, you probably won’t take it on vacation with you, but you should make sure to have at least one plunger in the home. It’s an effective way of breaking up drain clogs by means of suction without causing any damage to your plumbing system. Even better, it’s cost-efficient and you can just purchase one at your local store.
  3. Think of Your Landscape: Yes, your landscaping may not appear to have much to with your plumbing, but do you have any idea why plumbers are also called “rooters”? Because tree roots feeding off the nutrients in wastewater are one of the main causes of blocked and broken pipes. Make sure that any trees or shrubs aren’t anywhere near underground drains. Your nicely kept lawn shouldn’t interfere with your home’s plumbing, so make sure to keep tree roots away.

Contact Lighten Up today for plumbing repairs in Windsor and follow these 3 tips to make your plumbing even better.

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