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Plumber in Fort Collins Offers Advice on Gas Line Safety

We may be Lighten Up, but a plumber in Fort Collins is here to remind you that gas line safety isn’t anything to take lightly. Don’t get us wrong, your gas line can do some great things. It supplies all your household appliances with gas to keep them running. Natural or propane gas can also provide your home with enhanced temperature control. Best of all, gas is 20% to 30% cheaper than its oil and electrical counterparts.

But it’s not all fun and games. Gas lines carry flammable gas that can result in disaster if managed poorly. The inhalation of natural or propane gas can lead to serious health issues for your entire family. Fortunately, Lighten Up is here to offer a plumber in Fort Collins to give advice on how to practice gas line safety, so listen up!

Perform Annual Maintenance Checks: If the appliances in your household run on gas, then it’s important to have a professional perform a maintenance check on all appliances annually. One maintenance check could reveal a whole slew of problems with your gas line, so it’s best to eliminate them immediately. A maintenance check, especially from Lighten Up, can result in a highly efficient gas line that keeps all appliances running at their best.

Invest in a Carbon Monoxide Detector: Carbon monoxide is a silent, invisible killer, which is why investing in a carbon monoxide detector is the wisest decision you’ll ever make to ensure your home’s safety. Carbon monoxide is usually emitted due to natural gas not burning properly. It can quietly enter your home and incapacitate all members of your household quickly. The detector, even with a faulty gas line, can let you know when it’s time to evacuate so you can make plans to usher your family to safety.

Identify Smells: If smell the faint odor of gas permeating through your home, it could be a sign of a leak in your home’s gas line. Do not attempt to find the leak or turn on any electrical appliance. Leave the house immediately once you detect the smell and call a professional immediately to have the leak investigated. Gas leaks are often the signs of a damaged gas line, which a professional can fix for you. But remember, keep a safe distance from your home.

Contact Lighten Up to learn more about gas line safety from plumber in Fort Collins. Our plumbers in Fort Collins can answer any question, so ask away!

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