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5 Signs It’s Time to Call a Windsor Plumber

If your home plumbing system is starting to resemble a nightmare, it’s time to call a Windsor plumber to fix all of your plumbing problems.  Plumbing problems are understandably headache-inducing, especially when you need to rely on your plumbing fixtures to get you through the day. Not to mention, repairs, replacements, and installation can cost you tons of money and leave emptying the last remnants of your wallet to pay for service.

Lighten Up, however, offers a great Windsor plumber who can take care of your plumbing worries. But you must know when it’s time to call for service. We offer service around the clock, so don’t be afraid to call at any time once suspect your plumbing is misbehaving!

5 Signs You Need a Windsor Plumber

There can be many indications you need a Windsor plumber, but the folks at Lighten Up have narrowed it down to the 5 most common. Take a look.

  1. A Clogged Drain. If a drain in the kitchen or bathroom sink, shower, bath or toilet won’t unclog with DIY remedies, the clog is probably located further in the pipe system than you can reach. You’ll need a plumber to locate the clog, remove it and determine if the pipes are damaged.
  2. Hot Spots: Hot spots in your home indicate you have a slab leak, which is a leak in the pipes that run through the slab below your basement. You need immediate help to locate and fix the leak in order to maintain balanced heating in all rooms of your home.
  3. A Flooded Basement. This is most often due to a malfunctioning sump pump, and it’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed right away in order to minimize water damage to your property. It can also lead to mold and other bacteria growing, which makes it hard to breathe. A plumber can pump out the water from your basement and improve indoor air quality.
  4. Visible Pooling: If you notice visible pooling in your landscape, you have a leak in your water main line which needs to be repaired immediately in order to prevent accidents, damages and water loss. A plumber will determine where the leak is and assess the least invasive method of repairing it.
  5. A Leaky Faucet: This can drive up your water bill considerably, and can be due to a number of things, including worn and broken parts. It may not appear like much of a concern, but a leaky faucet can waste hundreds of gallons of water. A plumber can replace the broken elements quickly and effectively so you won’t waste precious water and lower water bills.

If you notice any of these 5 signs, then call Lighten Up today for a Windsor plumber who can fix all of your plumbing problems!

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