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Air Conditioning Windsor: 5 Signs You Need Repair

Settled in the tri-city area of Loveland, Fort Collins, and Greely, residents and homeowners of Windsor have easy access to many different outdoor activity locations for people of all ages. So when you’re running around with your children this summer, and it comes time to come home and relax in an air conditioning atmosphere, keep our air conditioning services front of mind in case of an AC emergency!

When it comes to air conditioning services in Windsor, look no further than our experienced and educated team at Lighten Up. We’ll cover any air conditioning job your home’s cooling system needs including repairs, installation, replacements and proper maintenance to ensure your unit lasts for a long time. We’re also ready to jump up and take care of any emergency air conditioning situation that should arise, so your family will always be comfortable in your home.

So to help you identify when your air conditioning system may need a repair, our specialists have compiled the following list of the most common warning signs:

  1. Excessive Moisture. This means that your air conditioning unit is leaking refrigerant (Freon) or a drain tube is broken. A leaky refrigerant is a serious situation since it creates a health hazard, so call our trained professionals to come take care of it right away.
  2. Odd Sounds Coming from Your Unit. If you hear a squeal or grinding noise from your air conditioning system, don’t ignore it. Either a belt is out of place or some metal piece may just need some lube. Be sure to resolve either issue before a bigger, more expensive problem develops from it.
  3. Bad Odors Omitting from Your Unit. Usually indicating that the wire insulation is burnt or mold is growing, you’ll want to address this sooner rather than later by contacting our professionals who take care of these sort of AC issues all the time.
  4. Airflow Blockage. If your home is cooling from room to room unevenly, make sure your compressor is functioning properly and your ductwork is clear of any obstructions.
  5. Malfunctioning Thermostats. In certain situations, your air conditioning unit itself may be fine, but the thermostat is causing a drastic temperature from room to room.

Contact our licensed pros at Lighten Up to take advantage of our air conditioning services in Windsor!

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