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AC Service in Windsor: 5 Common Reasons for AC Breakdowns

As a resident of Windsor, you’re probably familiar with a lot of the summertime fun to be had around the town, including the Summer Concert Series held at Boardwalk Park. You can’t beat some good tunes and good weather! But when it’s time to come home, you’re probably looking forward to relief from the heat and humidity. Let’s hope your AC isn’t ready to break down all of a sudden.

Our licensed and insured air conditioning specialists at Lighten Up offer any AC service in Windsor you need to retain a cool home throughout the entire summer. We are trained and experienced with any brand of AC unit and equipped with only the best available AC technology in the industry today.

In an effort to educate you on air conditioning systems, our AC professors want to play the role of the teacher and give you some suggestions as to why ACs tend to breakdown; all in an effort to squeeze every bit of life out of your AC system. Here are the 5 most common reasons for AC breakdowns:

  1. Ignoring or Forgetting about Maintenance. Just like anything else, if you don’t take care of something, it’s bound to break at some point. So make sure to not skip this crucial step in AC ownership and use our annual maintenance checkup services to properly inspect and evaluate your entire AC system.
  2. Keeping That Dirty Filter. More maintenance stuff. This one you can do on your own. The filter needs to be one of the top priorities when maintaining your air conditioning unit, so make sure to clean or replace it once a month depending on your AC use.
  3. Excuse Me, Your Refrigerant is Leaking. The refrigerant running through your AC system is like the blood running through your body. It’s an absolute necessity, so if it’s leaking, it’s a job for an AC professional right away so you avoid any health hazards. If left unattended, more problems will occur.
  4. Too Much Use. The hotter the summer day, the more your air conditioning system will labor to keep the temperature in your house down to a reasonable degree. This added stress puts a lot of strain on your system that could result in problems with your circuit breakers, capacitors, compressors, and more.
  5. Simple Age Factor. Sometimes wear and tear is too much to handle and it’s just time to get a brand new AC. Make sure you’re able to check to remember how old your AC unit is so you’ll have a good idea of when this time is approaching and before it begins to break down and leave your family with a hot and unbearable house!

Give our air conditioner pros at Lighten Up a call today for any of our AC services in Windsor!

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