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AC Repair in Fort Collins: 5 Most Common Causes of AC Failure

AC failure can be incredibly frustrating, especially when it occurs on a regular basis. It can cost you money and prevent cool air from blowing into your home, especially during the summer. Fortunately, Lighten Up offers AC repair in Fort Collins that will blast your AC troubles away. Our AC experts are the best in Fort Collins. They offer up quality repair alongside quality customer service.

There are plenty of causes of AC failure, and Lighten Up believes it’s important you recognize them before it’s too late. Recognizing the problem with your AC is the first step in solving it. We’re happy to provide you with info on 5 of the most common causes of AC failure:

  1. Old AC

If your AC is hovering around 8 to 12 years old, then it may be the reason why you’re spending more money on repairs. An older AC usually boasts a lower SEER rating which makes it more susceptible to breakdowns. If you call Lighten Up for repair, you may want to consider replacement as an option. A new AC with higher efficiency will save you from tons of trouble in the future.

  1. Lack of Maintenance

Your AC should ideally undergo a maintenance check from a licensed professional once a year. However, if you neglect maintenance for an extended period of time, problems with your AC can worsen beyond control to the point of the unit breaking down entirely. Our AC experts perform maintenance checks, so it’s best to call them to determine if repairs are needed.

  1. Dirty Filters

Now here’s one you can handle on your own. The filters in your AC need to be changed every now and then. Excess dirt can pile onto AC filters, which doesn’t allow your AC to perform to the best of its abilities. It may even cause the AC to fail. Our AC experts can also change filters for you in addition to repair.

  1. Condensation Buildup

Excess condensation can build up in your AC and damage its internal components. This often due to the AC’s drain tube becoming blocked or broken, which can also results in leaks coming from your AC. The AC experts at Lighten Up will be able to clean up or replace those drain tubes in no time to keep condensation from ruining your AC.

  1. Heavy Usage

An AC is great for those summer days in Fort Collins when you’re just looking for a way to escape the heat. However, it’s best to make sure not to use it too much. Like any appliance, your AC will start to fail due to heavy usage. As an alternative, use a ceiling fan or open windows in your home to keep cool air flowing without wasting your AC’s power.

If your AC fails due to any of these common causes, contact Lighten Up today for AC repair in Fort Collins!

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