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Air Conditioning Fort Collins: 5 Tips to Stay Cool for Less

Fort Collins offers you many outdoor, family fun activities you can enjoy during the summer. Whether your family likes to visit the Swetsville Zoo or spend the day playing mini golf at Fort Fun, you’re guaranteed to build up a sweat. You and your family will be longing to get home to a nice and cool environment, as long as your air conditioning system is working right!

The AC technicians at Lighten Up will keep your home cool with our air conditioning services in Fort Collins. Our licensed electricians are used to working with all types and brands of air conditioners all year round to ensure your family stays cool when it counts.

So to aid you in your quest for air conditioning perfection in Fort Collins, our AC masters want to give you these 5 tips to optimize your energy-efficient AC system:

  1. Tune-ups Completed by AC Experts. Combining our professional AC training with our experience, we perform full inspections on your AC unit to identify any current problems and prevent future ones. We make sure to give all your filters, blowers, motors, burners, switches and ductwork the once over to ensure everything is doing what it should be.
  2. Take Care of Your Air Filters. An easy DIY step. Make sure to clean your air filters every month and replace them when necessary. Our AC technicians strongly suggest using electrostatic filters. For all the suitable cleaning process for your particular air conditioning unit, see the owner’s manual.
  3. Keep Your Condenser Unit Clean and Clear. Your AC’s primetime is the summer. So before summer gets underway make sure to clear any built-up leaves, debris, vegetation, or other obstructions from on or around your condenser. Carefully give the fan blades and coils a quick cleaning with a soft brush. And if possible, protect your condenser from the sun with a protective cover during the wintertime.
  4. Clean Your Evaporator Coil. A filthy evaporator coil directly affects your AC system’s cooling ability. Carefully remove the front panel and lightly clean it with the brush, straightening it with a fin comb as you go.
  5. Energy-Efficient Rating. If you’re picking out a new air conditioning model, we recommend choosing ones with a high efficiency rating. Although it means more money now, it will cut down on your utility bill in the future consistently.

Please give our AC contractors a call at Lighten Up to schedule your air conditioning service in Fort Collins today!

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