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AC Maintenance Tips for Fort Collins, CO Residents

You know you want your home to be comfortable this summer, but have you given any thought to AC maintenance in Fort Collins? If you have: good job! Then this article is definitely for you.

And even if you haven’t given it any thought, you probably should read on as well. We all know how hot and humid it can get in the summer, and without a properly functioning AC, there’s no respite from the heat. Even ceiling fans do little to relieve the discomfort, since they only cause a slight breeze without actually cooling the room temperature. That’s why you’re encouraged to give your AC a test run to see if it’s working properly. If not, maybe some of our top AC maintenance tips will help.

Top AC Maintenance Tips

Giving an AC a tune-up is not for the faint-hearted. In fact, we usually don’t recommend any DIY jobs for ACs, since they’re such complex and sensitive devices. However, the following tips are simple enough:

  • Clean or replace the filter. An often-overlooked reason for an AC not working properly is quite simply because the filter is dirty. Depending on your device, you can clean and reuse it or remove it and replace it with a new one. Your user’s manual should provide full instructions.
  • Unclog the line to the condenser drain. If water’s leaking from your AC, it usually indicates that the condenser line that drains moisture out of the appliance is clogged. Simply remove the line and flush it through with water until it’s unclogged, then replace it.
  • Move electronic devices away from the AC. If your AC keeps running even when the room is cool enough, it’s oftentimes because heat-emitting electronic devices such as computers, televisions and stereos are too close. The sensors pick up on the heat emitted by the devices and interprets it as if the room temperature is higher than it actually is. As a result, it keeps cooling the room. To remedy this problem, simply move any electronic devices at least three feet away from the AC.

Remember: for more serious problems, call Lighten Up, your trusted HVAC specialist in Fort Collins!

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