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Generator Installation in Fort Collins – Is It Right for You?

After the harsh Colorado winter we had, and with severe weather affecting millions of Americans across the country, you might be thinking about generator installation in Fort Collins. And that’s an option every Colorado homeowner or business owner should consider, since installing a generator can have a number of advantages.

Why Install a Generator?

For homeowners and business owners, relying on the grid is usually just fine—until a tree knocks down power lines or some other event causes a power outage. Then you’re stuck without electricity for anywhere between a couple of minutes and as much as a couple of days. But with a generator, you don’t have to worry. A generator:

  • Safeguards your electric system so your home’s appliances and your business’ equipment can continue to run without interruption, enabling you to live and work comfortably.
  • Keeps your security system up and running so you don’t fall prey to burglars during an extended power outage.
  • Ensures your refrigerator and freezer function so your food stays good and you don’t have to throw anything away.
  • Keeps your central air running so extremely high or low temperatures aren’t a threat to your health.

Let’s face it: in the 21st century, life grinds to a halt without power. But in our busy, connected lives, we can’t afford to just drop everything. Our children’s homework suffers and our take-home work or business output is adversely affected. So installing a generator isn’t a luxury: it’s a necessity.

Choosing the Right Generator

There’s a wide range of generators available for residential and commercial use, so it can be quite overwhelming to know what type, make and model is right for your situation. Though some people opt for a portable generator, this isn’t the most convenient or efficient choice. If you’re serious about not having to worry about power, you need to have an automatic backup generator installed.

Fortunately, the specialized team of electricians at Lighten Up is here to advise you about the best choice for your situation. So don’t hesitate: call us today and invest in your own power!

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