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5 Signs You Need AC Repair From The Fort Collins Experts

It’s heating up! Summer is just around the corner. The warm weather is a true luxury. But have you begun planning for those blistering heat waves and the high humidity? There is nothing worse than a broken air conditioner when your home is on the verge of becoming a sauna! So don’t let the heat encroach on your safe-haven this summer. Be prepared by having your air conditioner serviced before the high temperatures strike! For the best AC repair in Fort Collins contact the experts at Lighten Up Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric. Lighten Up is your source for the best in the AC business. They perform every service including AC installation, maintenance, and repair. So don’t wait! Call for a technician at Lighten Up today!

The Importance of AC Repair

By having your AC serviced before the summer strikes, you are ensuring that your home stay free from an AC emergency! What could be better than that? But not only are you keeping your home safe and cool, you are also increasing the longevity of your AC unit. Over time, dirt and debris settle inside the device. By having it cleaned and serviced, a technician is taking the time to set your AC unit back to its original production level. After maintenance, your AC will run more effectively and use less energy to do so. That means you’re saving yourself and your home time (from an emergency), money, and stress!

Does Your AC Need Repair?

You should have your AC serviced every year to safeguard from emergencies. However, the older your device is the more frequently it may break down and need servicing. If your AC is exhibiting any of the following symptoms, you should call Lighten Up right away:

  • poor air circulation
  • no cool air
  • unusual noises
  • starts and stops
  • drastic increase in energy bills

If any of these characteristics describe your AC call a technician! You should never try to handle an AC repair alone. You could be putting yourself in danger or you could worsen the issue.

For the best AC repair in Fort Collins, trust the professionals at Lighten Up!

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