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Drain Cleaning Tips in Fort Collins

When it comes to drain cleaning in Fort Collins, you’re best advised to perform regular maintenance on your drain system. Whether you own a home, a business or both, clogged drains can wreak havoc on your property’s structure. When waste water can’t drain properly, leaks and floods can lead to all sorts of water damage. Depending on where they occur in a structure, that can include anything from water stained flooring and walls to rotting structural components and even black mold. Knowing all of this, it’s clear that investing maintaining the health of your drain system can save you a lot of trouble and cash in the long run.

Fortunately, the professionals at Lighten Up have some expert drain cleaning tips to share with you.

Storm Drain Cleaning Tips

Wearing rubber gloves, open the storm drain. Clean any debris or gunk out of the drain; then scrub the inside of the drain with a sturdy scrub brush covered in a drain cleaning solution. Rinse the drain by pouring in a bucket of water. Don’t forget to replace the storm drain cover!

Indoor Drain Cleaning Tips

There are a couple of ways to clean indoor drains. The degree of success you’ll have with these methods depends on the size and location of the clog. Blockages hidden deeper in the system often require extra attention — one of the best and most popular drain cleaning and restoration solutions is hydro-jetting. But for do-it-yourself situations, your best bets are:

  • Baking soda: remove as much of the standing water from the basin as possible. Pour a cup of baking soda into the drain. Immediately pour a kettle of hot water in after it. Allow all the water to drain out, then pour in another kettle of hot water. Lastly, run the cold water for a few minutes and clean the basin before using.
  • Plunger: For tougher clogs, use a plunger. With one to two inches of water in the basin, position the plunger over the drain. Pump the plunger up and down a number of times, then remove it. The suction will start to break up the clog. Repeat as needed until the water drains completely from the basin, then rinse with cold water and clean before using.

If, after trying these methods, a drain’s still clogged, call a professional plumber right away! The Lighten Up experts are always ready and willing to help.



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