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Maintaining Your Drains (Advice from a Windsor Plumber)

Every homeowner hates drain clogs. Whether you’re standing in a tub full of dirty water, dealing with a backed-up toilet, or even wading through sewer backflow in your basement, drain clogs are inconvenient, disgusting, and often times unsafe. But did you know that drain problems can be avoided with some simple maintenance tips? It’s true! You don’t have to deal with drain pain: all you need is to know how to properly treat your drains in order to avoid those nasty clogs.

The Windsor plumbers at Lighten Up want to help you with your drain maintenance! Here are some tips to prevent drain clogs and improve the lifespan of your drain. Remember, when treating your drains on your own, only do as much as you feel you understand – never risk damaging your plumbing with amateur solutions or temporary fixes! Call the experts at Lighten Up Plumbing for solutions to your drain problems any time – our 24/7 call service makes scheduling an emergency dispatch easy!

But for now, here are some drain maintenance tips for your Windsor home that you can do all on your own:

  1. When in Doubt, Throw it Out!– Your garbage disposal is intended to cut up food, yes, but not all foods should wind up in your kitchen sink. Certain items, such as coffee grinds, tea leaves, vegetable peels, and grease should never be sent through the garbage disposal – they frequently get stuck in the P-Trap and create a sticky mess! The same rule applies to toilets: never flush any items other than waste water and toilet paper. Even the “flushable” varieties of hygiene products and wet-naps can cause real issues in the drain.
  2. Avoid Drain Chemicals– You’ve probably seen commercials for chemical drain cleaners that advertise shiny, glimmering pipes, but the reality is that many of these products actually do more harm to your plumbing than good! Drain cleaning agents like Drano contain chemicals that, over time, can corrode the inner lining of your pipes and create clogs in the future. Organic, pipe-friendly drain cleaners like Bio-Clean are viable alternatives.
  3. Install a Back-up Valve– Your plumbing system carries waste water to the public sewer system via the main drain line. When your sewer is overwhelmed by a flood, the effects of corrosion, or an excess of waste, the pressure can cause the direction of your sewage to completely reverse. This is called backflow, and it can be very dangerous. To prevent backflow incidents, have a “back-up valve” installed on your main drain — this valve prevents any waste water from ever re-entering your home.

And don’t forget the option of professional drain maintenance! The Lighten Up Plumbing experts can also help by installing a sewer clean-out, a floor drain plug, or even a simple main drain stand-pipe. Say goodbye to drain problems for good! You can have a healthier, cleaner home with better plumbing just by calling Lighten Up for service today.


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