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Leak Detection in Fort Collins

What Causes Pipe Leaks in Your Fort Collins Home?

If your pipe springs a leak, there are a number of things that can happen. You might notice that your shower or sink loses water pressure. You might find that you have water damage in your basement or dampness in your yard. You might even start to smell foul odors around your living areas or notice your plumbing fixtures failing, depending on what size and degree of leak you have!  That’s when you need leak detection.

There are a number of ways that leaks can reveal themselves, and almost all of them are a huge pain. Why does your plumbing leak, and what can you do to prevent leaks in the future? Lighten Up Plumbing is here to help:

  • Acidity Levels– If your home receives water from a public source with a high pH level, then your plumbing may be at greater risk. You’d be surprised at the pH level of public reservoir water — acid rain, which results from pollution, winds up in the reservoir and, in turn, inside of your plumbing. Those corrosive agents can, over time, cause leaks.
  • Rust/Wear and Tear– The oxygen in water is what causes rust. This happens through a process known as “oxidation.” The higher the temperature of the water, the higher the rate of oxidation.
  • Water Velocity– When the water travels too quickly through your system, your plumbing starts to lose integrity. In piping systems with many sharp turns (the result of amateur/inefficient plumbing installations, mainly), leaks happen faster.
  • Outdated Plumbing Materials– Not all pipe materials were created equal! Copper piping and PEX are the most modern: most of your plumbing replacements and repairs will be with either of these types. If your plumbing was originally installed in the 80s or before, however, there’s a solid chance that you have a piping system that is corroded and liable to leak.

At Lighten Up Plumbing, you can have your piping professionally inspected and your leaks successfully detected on the first visit from one of our plumbers. Call Lighten Up for leak detection today!

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