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3 Signs of that Your Fort Collins Home Has Plumbing Leaks

You rely on your plumbing to get you through the day, from your morning shower straight through to when you’re washing your dinner dishes at night — but how often do you think about or see that plumbing? The reality is that most homeowners take their home’s plumbing for granted. There’s just too much to worry about in a given day for anyone to really spend time thinking about how their water and sewage are working. But when there’s a problem, you’ll need to notice, and fast — catching plumbing problems early on in critical to saving money on repairs and avoiding more extensive damage.

This is especially true about plumbing leaks! When caught and solved early on, a leak is no major deal…but if you let a leak go undetected for days or even weeks, you could wind up with significant water damage.  Here are some of the signs that you might have a leak to help you determine when you need to call the leak detection and repair professionals at Lighten Up:

  • Loss of Water Pressure– Does it seem like your shower isn’t performing the way that it used to? That could be because your water line is losing pressure. Leak detection technology will help you find out where all of your water is winding up!
  • High Water Bills – When your utility bills go up for no reason, take a look. Having a leak in your plumbing wastes water, energy, and money every month when you have to pay for that water that wound up in the ground or in your walls
  • Dampness/Puddles in Your Yard– If the line with a leak is located in your yard, you’ll find puddles materializing in your yard without any apparent source. It could be a leak in your sprinkler system lines or water main.
  • Warm Spots on Your Floor or Walls– Feeling cold or warm spots on your surfaces could be the result of an unseen pipe leaking water towards the area.
  • Foul Odors– What’s that smell? When you have a sewer odor in your bathroom or kitchen, it could be a fixture leaking. Call Lighten Up Plumbing to find the root of the stink!

Call Lighten Up Plumbing today for leak detection done right.

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