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Ask a Fort Collins Drain Cleaning Service Provider: When is Excavation Necessary?

When was the last time you thought about the condition of your sewer and drain lines? If your home has a healthy plumbing system, chances are it’s been quite some time. But neglected drains can quickly become a problem that will be impossible not to think about. In many cases, extremely neglected drain and sewer pipes become so clogged that standard drain cleaning methods like drain snaking/cabling or water jetting are too ineffective. This is when it’s time to start considering the option of excavating your pipes.

  • If a 30 minutes worth of cabling/snaking only achieves partial unclogging, but fails to actually opening the line for business, it may be time to make an important decision regarding excavation.
  • If a camera inspection cannot determine the full extent of the clog—specifically how much of it has been cleared by the drain snake and how much of it is still hindering normal pipe flow, it’s another clue you might need excavation.

When we snaked a clogged drain line and continually run into a clog, we will usually pull out and re-attempt the process a few times before we begin to weigh the possibility of excavation. We prefer to leave excavation as a last resort, but some drain clogs are too far gone or stubborn to be solved through normal methods.

You Know You Need Excavation If:

  • The cable is pulled out of the line and mud or clay is found on the cutting head. When a pipe breaks, rain and groundwater will often wash mud and clay into the line, causing or contributing to an obstruction. This is a common indication that the pipe is collapsed, punctured or otherwise damaged and will require repairs that will require excavation.
  • When a pipe collapses or a root infestation is too severe, the only reliable solution is often excavation and partial or complete replacement of the entire line.

Excavation should always be a last resort to the experienced drain cleaner. At Lighten Up, we always strive not to disturb your property unless we determine it is the only way to solve your drain problems. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an in-home consultation!

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