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Ask a Fort Collins Electrician About Your Circuit Breaker Problems

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The circuit breaker is an obviously vital part of your electrical system, as it regulates all of the electricity in your home. It cuts off the power if there were ever a surge or an outage, protecting you and your family from getting shocked or electrocuted.

Without a properly functioning breaker, your home could even be threatened by the possibility of a fire because surges would not be stopped before entering your electrical system, and could overload.

As a homeowner, it’s important for you to understand what kinds of problems could occur with your circuit breaker so you are fully prepared to call in a professional when the time comes.

Common Circuit Breaker Problems

  1. Flickering lights: Lights will flicker in your home as large appliances start up, but they should not be flickering all the time. If they do, then it’s probably because of faulty wiring in your circuit breaker.
  2. Humming sounds coming from the circuit breaker: If you hear a humming or buzzing noise, it’s an indication that your breaker is carrying a significant electrical load, but is unable to trip and shut it off. Do not take this sound lightly, as it can easily catch fire if left unattended to.
  3. Breaker that frequently trips: Breakers, while they are made to trip circuits sometimes, should not be doing so all the time. Typically, this problem is caused by having too many appliances plugged into one breaker. This can be annoying, so at that point you may be better off upgrading the panel to accommodate more electronics.
  4. Short circuits: This occurs when a hot wire touches another neutral wire, and the electrical current is overloaded.

Keep in mind: As serious as these problems might be, it’s even more serious if you try to fix them yourself.. You always want to hire a licensed, trained electrician to perform this type of work for you. At Lighten Up Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric, we’re always here to help – call us today!

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