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Tree Roots and Hydrojetting in Fort Collins, CO

Tree root intrusion into sewer lines is a common problem. Roots naturally seek out sources of moisture, and are attracted to the limitless supply of wastewater found in sewer lines. Roots can enter pipes through joints or gaps. As they draw moisture from the sewer line, roots not only multiply but expand, over time leading to the structural decay of the pipe and eventually, collapse. Happily, there are ways of permanently solving root problems without cutting down your trees.

Progression of Root Intrusion

  • Stage 1: Early Intrusion

Roots find their way into a joint in the sewer line, attracted by readily available moisture. At this stage, it can be hard to tell that there is an issue with the line.

  • Stage 2: Advanced Intrusion

Nourished by the constant water supply, tree roots multiply and grow thicker. Solid waste, such as toilet paper, can get caught in the roots, further blocking the line and leading to backups and clogs. If roots have grown beyond a certain size, they cannot be cleared by mechanical rooters. Advanced technology, such as hydrojetting, is the best solution.

  • Stage 3: Collapse/Structural Failure

As tree root incursion continues, the integrity of the pipe is weakened. The pipe will eventually give way to the weight of the soil above it. Once the issue has progressed to structural failure, the only option available to restore the line to serviceable condition is a permanent repair solution.

Root Repair Procedure

Step 1: Get Your Sewer Flowing Again & Diagnose the Cause

– Rooter & Drain Cleaning

Get your backed-up sewer line flowing again with our rooter service including a free video inspection and options for permanent repairs. Includes a one-year warranty.

– Video Camera Inspection

After the line has been cleared, the next step is to visually inspect the length of the sewer line with a video camera. With this technology, technicians can accurately diagnose the problem and come up with solutions.

Step 2: Multiple Options to Permanently Solve the Issue


Hydrojetting breaks through blockages that rooters can’t, scouring the insides of lines for longer-lasting results.

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