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Signs You Need Hydrojetting in Loveland, CO

What’s the difference between a hydrojetter and a rooter?  Both are tools that plumbers rely on to keep your drains working properly and clog free. However, they serve very different functions.

A rooter is a conventional plumbers tool that simply breaks down clogs.  When inserted into a drain, it uses a hydraulic corkscrew motion to tear through blockages and restore flow.  Rooters are ideal for paper and waste clogs that just need to be torn apart — the procedure is simple and effective.  Sometimes, though, rooters don’t get the job fully done.  Problems in your sewer line tend to be more complicated than basic obstructions.  There’s very frequently a larger issue at hand, namely build-up on the walls of the pipes.

The interiors of your pipes are designed to carry certain types of waste, but some materials get stuck and gradually shrink the pipes’ diameter.  Food products like grease and oil, as well as sediment from corroding lines, are typically the main culprits.  There are also oils in our skin and hair that come off when we shower and wind up messing up our drains!  It’s basically inevitable to have some degree of build-up in your pipes, but serious build-up can result in larger problems, clogs, and even collapses.

Here’s where hydrojetting comes in.  High water pressure jetting has the ability to clear and restore your drains with a powerful blast of cleansing water.  You can clear away build-up and expand the diameter of your pipes, permanently improving your flow!  Here’s how you’ll know you need a hydrojetting, rather than a rooter service:

  • You have recurring clogs — once have a plumber clear them, you have problems again the next week!
  • You have tree roots in your sewer line.  A plumber might discover this by doing a sewer camera inspection on your line.  Tree roots are too tough for rooters, and they’ll just get tangled up more. However, if the plumber tells you that you need excavation to take them out, don’t listen!  Lighten Up Plumbing can make your life way easier with a hydrojetting that will permanently uproot those roots and leave your drains flowing fine.
  • You have old, unserviced pipes.  How long has is been since you had your pipes maintained?  If the answer is more than a few years, it’s possible that you’ve got build-up already happening in there.  Don’t wait for disaster to strike, just call Lighten Up Plumbing for service today!

Call Lighten Up Plumbing for a hydrojetting service today, and you’ll start having a cleaner, healthier, and better functioning plumbing system for years to come.

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