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Hydrojetting in Fort Collins

Sudden clogs are a huge pain for homeowners.  One day everything is working just fine, and the next, your shower won’t drain, or your toilet backs up, or your sink is creating a weird odor — it’s just a mess, and it happens to just about everybody.  If you live in Fort Collins, though, at least you can call Lighten Up Plumbing for emergency service and have your issue solved on the same day!

But what a lot of homeowners don’t realize about clogs is that they very rarely are gradual: clogs form gradually in your drains as oil, grease, residue, and sediment build up on the interior walls of your pipes.  All of that matter reduces the flow capacity of your drains, and over time you’ll start to see clogs from paper, hair, or food more frequently.

Drain snakes and rooters are great for breaking down clogs, but they can’t really do anything about all of that build-up — they’ll cure your clog, but they won’t address the root of the problem.  Speaking of roots: tree roots intruding into the sewer line are another issue that are generally too tough for simple drain clearing tools to handle. Plus, they grow back!

So what do you do if your drain problems are can’t be solved with clearing?  How do you get to the source of your problems so you don’t need to call Lighten Up for emergency service ever again?

The answer isn’t expensive replacements or excavations: it’s high pressure water jetting.

High pressure water jetting, also known as “hydrojetting,” is a method of drain cleaning that both clears and restores drains.  That’s because hydrojetting does what conventional clog removal methods can’t: it blasts away the residue build up and tree roots that a rooter just can’t handle!

Right now, Lighten Up Plumbing wants every homeowner to know about this incredible and advanced plumbing technology so that no one needs to deal with repeated clogs and back-ups every again.  The more homeowners who know about hydrojetting, the more plumbing systems there’ll be that work like they’re ten years younger! Call Lighten Up today for a hydrojetting service, and make your drains like new!

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