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How We Fix Drain Clogs in Loveland, CO

In our last blog post, you saw that we talked about sewer drain clogs and why they happen.  The most common reason of all that drain clogs ever occur is age: pipes lose their flow capacity as they get old and rust, residue, paper waste, tree roots, and other obstructive materials start to build up on the pipe walls.

So how can you avoid having these problems happen to you?  The best solution is to have the Lighten Up Plumbing professionals handle all of your drain maintenance and repair at the first sign of an issue.  For your health, your convenience, and your budget, the best possible course of action when you hear a strange noise in your drains, smell foul odors, or simply notice your drains not working as quickly or effectively as you need them to is to call for service right away.  But when the professional arrives at the scene in their fully stocked truck, what do they do?

Thanks to our top-of-the-line training and technology, you have options:

  1. Camera Inspection– Our technicians can find the source of your drain problems by threading a video camera-tipped cable through your piping system.  The interior of the pipes appears on a small monitor, so you can see exactly what’s causing your plumbing to act up.
  2. Enzyme Cleaning- We are an environmentally friendly company here at Lighten Up, and as such we don’t like to use chemicals to break down drain blockages.  Instead, we use powerful, organic enzymes that eat through drain clogs and open your pipes.
  3. Drain Snaking- This device goes into your pipe and makes a corkscrew motion to break through clogs.  It’s most effective with clogs that result from natural build ups such as hair, toilet paper, dirt, et cetera.  When drain snaking doesn’t work, a hydraulic rooter machine can perform essentially the same function on a larger mechanical level to restore flow.
  4. Hydro Jetting– When the conventional means of drain snaking and rooter service don’t work, it’s time to bring in the latest in drain clearing technology: high water pressure jetting.  Having your pipes cleaned by a hydrojetting procedure can restore them by 10 years worth of use!  It can also blast away hard-to-remove obstructions such as tree roots.
  5. Spot Repairs– In cases that require entirely new piping, such as collapses, we have a number of options for how we can approach plumbing repairs and replacements.  We will try to find the most cost-effective method for your home!

So if you find yourself in need of drain cleaning, don’t hesitate to call!  Many of these problems become worse over time, so the sooner you pick up the phone and dial for Lighten Up services, the better.  Call today for all of your drain and sewer repair needs.

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