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What Causes Drain Clogs? Loveland, CO Sewer Repair

Let’s say that one day you wake up, get out of bed, go to take a shower, and discover a clog mucking up your shower drain.  Your family needs to get ready for the day, and everything now has ground to a halt.  Drain clogs are nasty, inconvenient, and unsanitary, and you’ve got a serious problem on your hands — until you call the experts at Lighten Up for emergency service!  Our plumbing professionals will fix your drain problems in no time flat, giving you your day back before it’s lost!

Still, even though Lighten up has got your back, you’ll probably wonder: why do bad clogs happen to good people?  Without getting too philosophical, we’ve compiled a brief list of some of the things that make your pipes more vulnerable to obstruction issues:

  1. Residue Build Up– The grease from our food and the oil from our skin winds up going down the drains, where it tends to collect along the pipe walls and restrict flow.
  2. Corrosion– Not all pipe materials are created equal.  If your home has plumbing that is made of cast iron or Orangeburg (both popular materials leading up to the 80s), then they deteriorate significantly faster.  Even with other metal piping, flow capacity is reduced overtime as sediment starts to wear off the interiors and wind up elsewhere in the system.  Age also makes pipes more susceptible to leaks that could reduce water pressure and cause collapses.
  3. Intrusive Tree Roots– If you have trees in your yard near your sewer line, chances are that their roots will, at one point or another, reach your exterior underground plumbing and invade the pipes through the seams looking for moisture.
  4. Foreign Objects– At some point or other, it happens to everyone with younger children: a toy or random object will get flushed down the toilet and become lodged in the system.  Other than that, though, paper waste and disposed hygienic can sometimes build up enough to stop flow.

These are the most common reasons for clogs — but how do we fix them?  Read the next blog to find out!  Or, if you don’t like suspense, just give Lighten Up a call and ask for a drain clearing next time you notice that your drains are acting sluggish or your plumbing fixtures aren’t working properly.  Our technicians can help!  Call now for our same-day service, and you’ll have a healthier, more efficient home today!

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