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Home Electrical Rewiring in Fort Collins

Unexpected Power Outages a Potential Sign of Several Electrical Problems

We get it. Re-wiring your home can be kind of a big deal. But when you partner with Lighten Up Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric’s experienced professionals, you choose to work with a team that aims to provide nothing short of superior service with quality know-how. We simplify our work and we get the job done right.

Need home power enhancement? Surge protection? Are you adding switches and outlets? Whatever the job, from minor adjustments to whole house overhauls, we’ve got you covered.

When To Rewire Your Home

A question we often receive from customers is: When is it time to rewire my home? And it’s a good question! Perhaps yours is a new construction project, in which case we can go to work at setting up new wiring. But knowing when it’s time to rewire existing electrical systems can be a little more tricky.

Here are a few top signs it may be time:

  1. Frequently Flickering Lights: Home lighting should always be consistent. If your lights are flickering, dimming, or taking a long time to warm up to full illumination, your home needs a boost in electrical power.
  2. Unexpected Power Outages: Unexpectedly losing power could be a sign of a number of electrical problems. Re-wiring should certainly be a consideration at that point.
  3. Two-Prong Outlets: Homes should be fitted with three-pronged outlets, as two-prongs are a thing of the past. They are inefficient, not properly grounded, and are therefore unsafe. Make the switch for safety and as a positive home investment.
  4. Circuit Breaker Failures: Circuit breaker pops are not normal. Even if happening on rare occasions, popping circuit breakers are a sure sign of a larger electrical problem. Your home most likely needs improved electrical grounding protection or enhanced circuit power.
  5. Extension Cords & Portable Outlets: This is a fire hazard alert! If you’re living with excessive portable outlets and extension cords, it’s time for safer, more convenient switch and outlet installation.

Keep your home safe. Contact our experts at Lighten Up Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric today to learn more about the benefits of proper of home electrical rewiring!

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