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Sump Pump Repair Fort Collins

If Pump is Leaking, You May Need Replacement

Is your sump pump making the start up noise, but doesn’t actually begin to run? If so, it’s important for you to know what’s causing this problem so you can get it repaired before you need it most.

Why Your Sump Pump Won’t Run

  1. Pump is air-locked: Try drilling a hole anywhere between a 16th of an inch to an eighth of an inch just below the check valve and just above the pump’s discharge. This will act as an anti-airlock hole and solve the problem.
  2. Check valve is stuck closed or installed incorrectly: You can usually see an arrow on the check valve that indicates the direction of the water flow. You need to make sure that arrow is pointing toward the discharge, and not toward the pump.
  3. The impeller is damaged: Your impeller’s blades may be worn, or even missing. If this is the case, then it will more than likely need to be replaced.
  4. Discharge pipe is partially or fully blocked: There may be some debris causing an obstruction that you can clear to solve the problem. If it has been especially cold, your pipe may be frozen. Sometimes, however, discharge pipes have 90-degree elbows, and these significantly restrict water flow. If you have more than three or four of them, that could be the cause of the blockage. Try using 45-degree elbows instead to let the water flow more freely.
  5. Suction intake screen is partly or fully blocked: You probably have some debris at the bottom of your screen. If that’s the case, simply removing the debris should clear up the problem.
  6. The bottom of the pump allows water to leak out: This area of the pump, also known as the “volute,” could be cracked. This would, of course, allow water to escape. You’ll probably need to talk to a professional about replacing your pump if this is the case.

A sump pump won’t do you much good, or any good at all,  if it won’t run. If you are having this problem, don’t hesitate to call Lighten Up Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric today!

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