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Water Jetting FAQ


Q: What’s the quickest and most efficient drain clog solution?

A: Your best bet would be to hire a professional to attack your clogged drain with a powerful water jet.

Q: What is a water jet?

A: Water jetting or hydro jetting is an eco-friendly, highly cost-effective drain cleaning procedure that uses extremely pressurized reverse water streams to clear out drain blockages with brute force. These devices can generate pressures of up to 4,000 pounds per minute.

Q: Can I use water jets on clogged sewers as well as clogged drains?

A: Yes, water jetting can be an awesome solution to sewer back ups, which, for my money, are the most disgusting and distressing plumbing mishaps a homeowner will ever encounter. But I digress… Water jets—yes, they can help a great deal with sewer back ups. They are powerful and versatile enough to punch through most any serious sewer line clog. The highly pressurized water jets will scour the inside of your sewer line and improve the flow of your sewer system without causing damage to it.

Let our water jetting experts take care of your pipe problems. Call us today to learn more.

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