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Liquid Chemical Drain Cleaner FAQ


Q: What type of chemical drain cleaning substance should I use?

A: If the clog is even close to a serious one, most liquid or chemicals will not work. Soap scum, maybe a little grease? Yeah, a little Drano might do the trick. But my guess is that if you’re surfing these pages, your problem is more along the lines of a collapses pipe or overgrown tree roots, in which case chemical substances won’t help you at all.

Q: Are there any safety concerns to using harsh drain cleaning chemicals to clear my clogs?

A: Yes, if you decide to use a harsh drain cleaner with caustic chemicals and enzymes, be sure to use them only in well-ventilated environments as they typically give off some seriously noxious fumes. Here’s a safety tip: if you must use one of these substances, DO NOT use them in toilets without first reading the directions explicitly. They chemicals are so heavy they have been known to sometimes make toilets literally explode. So yes, as with any chemical substance, heed the warning label and you should be alright.

Using liquid chemical drain cleaners on your pipes can be a tricky business. Call our drain cleaning experts today to learn what other options we can offer you.

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