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Why You Should Install New Duct and Ventilation Systems

duct and ventilation issues in your fort collins home?

Posted on June 22, 2017 by admin in Uncategorized

If you’re like most Americans, you spend nearly 90% of your time indoors. Staying indoors, however, doesn’t mean that you’re breathing cleaner and safer air. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] reports that indoor air can often be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air.  One reason: Continue Reading →

Now Hiring Plumbers and Apprentices!

Plumbing fixtures used for toilet repair

Posted on March 31, 2017 by admin in Plumbing

Attention all licensed plumbers and apprentices! Here is your chance to join the Lighten Up team! We are currently looking far and wide for licensed plumbers and a plumber’s apprentice to continue Lighten Up’s longstanding reputation for high-quality work and exceptional customer service. This is a fantastic growth opportunity for Continue Reading →

7 Important Smoke Detection Tips

smoke detection

Posted on March 17, 2017 by admin in Electrical

Smoke detection is an essential part of maintaining home safety. Imagine this: it’s the middle of the night when everyone is sleep, and a fire breaks out. Without a smoke alarm going off, that fire may continue to grow, while you’re still counting sheep. Unfortunately, this scenario becomes a reality Continue Reading →

7 Warning Signs You Need Sewer Repair

sewer repair

Posted on February 13, 2017 by admin in Plumbing

Sewer repair is essential to your entire plumbing system. The sewer line in your home keeps your plumbing system running and can cause a great deal of damage if it is not properly repaired when necessary. Failure to call for repair in time may lead to some unsanitary consequences, including Continue Reading →

5 Questions to Ask a Licensed Electrician

generator rebuild

Posted on February 11, 2017 by admin in Electrical

A licensed electrician should be the first person you contact when you have faulty outlets, troublesome circuit breaker panels, flickering lights, and more. Only one problem: how do you know they’re legit? After all, you wouldn’t just hire any random electrician, would you? Of course not. That’s not to say Continue Reading →

5 Common Types of Plumbing Repair for Older Homes

plumbing repair older homes

Posted on January 30, 2017 by admin in Plumbing

Plumbing repair is essential for any home, but especially for ones built years ago. Many people choose to buy older homes due to their inherent character and charm. However, when it comes to your older homes plumbing system, you must consider the problems you may encounter. Even if your home Continue Reading →